Ticketing Details

Is this a ticketed show?

Unless your show is a free non-ticketed event then tick Yes.

If you answer Yes then you will be asked how many tickets you would like to allocate to both the Media and Arts Industry.

The Fringe Society recommends that you make four tickets available per performance to Media and two tickets available to Arts Industry professionals (promoters, producers, venue programmers etc) and this number is set as a default. However, you are welcome to change this to any number (even 0) that you would like.

The Media Office accredits journalists and reviewers and the Arts Industry Office accredits promoters, programmers and producers attending the Fringe. Both offices operate a ticketing service and by making tickets available, you permit us to assign these tickets to media and arts industry professionals whose interests are relevant to your show. It's the easiest way to make sure that these people can book tickets to come and see your work. Tickets are taken from your Fringe Box Office allocation. There is no commission on them and they will not be held back should your show/ performance sell out. Please contact participants@edfringe.com if you have any further questions. Your venue contract should also detail arrangements for complimentary ticket or house seats arranged through your venue and any charges attached.


Ticket Offers

2-for-1 (Day 1) and 2-for-1 (Day 2)

On the first Monday and Tuesday of the Fringe you have the option to offer the sale of full-price tickets to your show at two-for-the-price-of-one.

This is a popular way to build early audiences and spread word of mouth about your show.

Please ensure these dates are in your show run before choosing to be included in this offer.

Group Bookings

You have the option to offer customers who book ten or more tickets a 10% discount on the purchase price.

Customers will be offered normal ticket concession prices only if these make for a lower total cost than the 10% discounted rate.

Friends of the Fringe

Friends of the Fringe are people who have chosen to pay a yearly membership subscription to support the work of the Fringe Society and in return, we offer them special services.

You have the option to offer all Friends of the Fringe members the opportunity to buy tickets to your show at two-for-the-price-of-one (limited to two tickets per show run, per membership).

The Friends are some of the most supportive, experimental and generous Fringe-goers around, and their word of mouth is a great marketing tool during the festival.


Show Accessibility

For advice on providing increased access to your show via any of the facilities mentioned, please Contact Us.

Audio Description

Audio description refers to an additional narration track for members of the audience who are visually impaired.

If you select Yes you will be asked to provide the dates of the audio described performances.

Signed performance

A signed performance refers to the presence of a sign language interpreter at the performance who will translate the show into sign language for the benefit of people with impaired hearing.

If you select Yes you will be asked to provide the dates of the signed performances.


Captioning, or subtitling, allows people with impaired hearing to read a transcript of what is being said in the show.

If you select Yes you will be asked to provide the dates of the captioned performances.

Relaxed Performances

A relaxed performance is designed to make the show more accessible to individuals and their families with autism or other special needs. The experience will be less formal and in a more supportive and friendly atmosphere. It is understood that audience members may need to make more noise, move around, or leave and re-enter the auditorium during the performance.

Sometimes a quiet time out space will be provided for audience members who need to take a break during the performance. There will often be changes to the production such as lighting or sound levels, house lights staying on low, warnings before loud noises etc. Additional front of house or trained staff may be on duty to assist the audience.

Sometimes a visual story is provided. This is a document containing photos and short descriptions that will explain the whole theatre visit, from arriving at the venue to leaving. This might include photos of the theatre entrance, auditorium, box office, descriptions of what happens when the show starts etc.

A visual synopsis may also be provided, which can be helpful if audience members need to exit the performance at any point. A visual synopsis will consist of photos and short descriptions of the characters, setting and plot.

Relaxed performances are designed for anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed theatre environment, for whatever reason.

Other disabled facilities

If your show or venue offers any additional facilities for disabled people then please select Yes and list the details and dates here.