Important dates


Show registration opens in January and closes in August on the last day of the Fringe. Show registration is temporarily unavailable from 17:00 (GMT) on the day of the print programme registration deadline (10 April 2024) until the beginning of June while the printed programme is being finalised. During this time you can view your details on EdFringeware but you won't be able to submit a show for registration.

Venue registration is open all year round.

Discount deadline for show registration

A discounted registration fee is available for full-run shows (six or more performances) registered before the discount deadline, 5pm on Wednesday 6 March 2024. For more details, please see the Registering and Paying for a Show page.

Please be aware that in the run up to and around discount and programme deadlines the system experiences high volumes of users.  Please ensure you are familiar with EdFringeware and the information you will be asked to supply when registering your show. Full details can be found in the Fringe Guide to Registering a Show, and always allow plenty of time to complete your registration. show registration deadlines

Tickets for next season's shows will be advertised and made available for purchase online on, at several pre-set dates between February  and June. All shows (registered up to that point) will be launched in early June when all tickets will go onsale.

Shows need to be registered and signed-off by participants and venues a certain amount of time in advance of these release dates in order to be included in the next onsale:

Sign-off date Onsale date
Monday 5 February Thursday 22 February
Monday 20 March Thursday 4 April
Wednesday 24 April Thursday 9 May


For more information about the sign-off process, please go to the Proofing Process page.

Printed programme show registration deadline

The official printed programme will be launched on 12 June and for a show to be included in the printed programme it must be registered by 10 April (17:00 BST).

If you register a show after the 10 April deadline, it won't be included in the printed programme but can still be advertised online at The registration team will liaise with you about the process and timescale for getting your listing online.