You might want to give other people permission to read or edit the information about your venue that you have stored on EdFringeware.

On the People tab, you have the option to invite other users to share your information as a read-only contact, meaning they can view but not edit your venue information.

To give new users read-only or editing priveliges for your venue, click the Invite a contact  button and follow the instructions on the Invite a user page.


Show privileges

You can also share read-only information relating to the shows within your venue(s) - a feature you may find useful if you are working with promoters or multiple participants during the registration process.

Editing privileges can be upgraded or downgraded at any point. Once the proofing process is complete and the Programme has gone to print, or even during the Fringe itself, you may want to minimise your administrative workload by allowing promoters or performers to add additional material to support their online listing, such as media clips, interviews or reviews.  

To give specified users read-only or editing privileges for one or more of the shows in your venue, select the People tab from within the show you would like to share, and follow the instructions on the Invite a user help page.