Ticketing Details

Is this a ticketed show?

Unless your show is a free non-ticketed event then tick Yes.

If you answer Yes then you will be asked how many tickets you would like to allocate to both the Media and Arts Industry.

The Fringe Society recommends that you make four tickets available per performance to Media and two tickets available to Arts Industry professionals (promoters, producers, venue programmers etc) and this number is set as a default. However you are welcome to change this to any number (even 0) that you would like.

The Media Office accredits journalists and reviewers and the Arts Industry Office accredits promoters, programmers and producers attending the Fringe. Both offices operate a ticketing service and by making tickets available, you give us permission to assign these tickets to media and arts industry professionals whose interests are relevant to your show. It's the easiest way to make sure that these people can book tickets to come and see you work. Tickets are taken from your Fringe Box Office allocation. There is no commission on them and they will not be held back should your show/ performance sell out. Please contact participants@edfringe.com if you have any further questions. Your venue contract should also detail arrangements for complementary ticket or house seats arranged through your venue and any charges attached.


Ticket Offers

2 for 1 (Day 1) and 2 for 1 (Day 2)

On the first Monday and Tuesday of the Fringe you have the option to offer the sale of full price tickets to your show at two-for-the-price-of-one.

This is a popular way to build early audiences and spread word of mouth about your show.

Please ensure these dates are in your show run before choosing to be included in this offer.

Group Bookings

You have the option to offer customers who book ten or more tickets a 10% discount on the purchase price.

Customers will be offered normal ticket concession prices only if these make for a lower total cost than the 10% discounted rate.

Friends of the Fringe

Friends of the Fringe are people who have chosen to pay a yearly membership subscription to support the work of the Fringe Society and in return we offer them special services.

You have the option to offer all Friends of the Fringe members the opportunity to buy tickets to your show at two-for-the-price-of-one (limited to two tickets per show run, per membership).

The Friends are some of the most supportive, experimental and generous Fringe-goers around, and their word of mouth is a great marketing tool during the festival.

Access Fringe Children and Young People ticketing scheme

This scheme, run by the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society in collaboration with the City of Edinburgh Council, provides free tickets for Fringe events to children and young people in the Edinburgh care system many of whom would otherwise have little access to the Fringe. There is no pressure to take part, however ticking 'yes' will mean that you, as the show organiser, will be asked to provide an amount of tickets per dateline in your show's registration form. We recommend a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 12 per performance, but you can include more or less to a minimum of 2. These tickets are not ringfenced and do not sit outside of your Fringe allocation of tickets so they will never go unsold. This selection of tickets will come out of your Fringe box office allocation of tickets. You should ensure your venue is aware of how many tickets and on which days you will be offering these comps across your run.

The age range covers very young children up to the age of 26 and can include their carers, so your show/s can be any medium/theme/format/genre and have potential appeal to this audience.

You can opt out or change your mind at any point - just email participants@edfringe.com for further information.

For further information on how the scheme works in the wider context of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, get in touch with the Participant Services team on participants@edfringe.com, or call them on (+44)0131 226 0026


Datelines and Venues


Creating a dateline

Click on the Create a dateline button to begin. A box will appear displaying a calendar for the coming Fringe season.

 2016 Datelines And Venues

If you wish to add a date from the end of July or the beginning of September, please use the arrow keys either side of the month to change the calendar view.

The first step is to create a dateline by clicking on the relevant dates. Make sure you click on every day that should be included in that dateline, not just the first and last dates. If you want to unselect any dates then you can either click on the date again, or click on the dustbin icon to the side of the listed dates.

Click Next at the bottom right hand side of this box once you have selected your dates.


Are these performances previews?

Please indicate whether any of the dates you have selected in this dateline are previews.

Previews should be on a separate dateline to the rest of your run. For example, a show with a preview on 04 Aug and a normal run 05-10 Aug would need two datelines, and would be listed:

Aug 4, 17:00 (1h) £5.00

Aug 5 - 10, 17:00 (1h) £7.00

More information on previews can be found here.


Selecting your venue

From the dropdown boxes, please select your venue and the space within this venue.


What if my venue / performance space is not listed in edfringeware drop-down menu?
In the case of a venue or space which begins with 'the', be sure to first check that it has not been alphabetised under T. If your venue or space is still not listed in the first drop-down menu, please contact programme@edfringe.com.

It's important that you have a confirmed rental agreement with the venue that you select. Registering a show with a venue that you don't have an agreement with could lead to your registration being cancelled.


Selecting your times

Fringe Time: Please note that the Fringe uses a 24-hour clock. However, Fringe days begin at 05:00, so shows in the early hours (eg, 01:30) will be listed as the day before.


Please select a show start time and duration and make sure that the start time is for your show rather than the start time of the space you have booked in your venue.

Start times and duration can be selected in increments of hours and five minutes.


Set your pricing

First of all, select whether your dateline is free or will be charging for tickets. If you select No to the question Is this Dateline free? then you will be presented with pricing options.


Please enter the cost (which is in Pounds Sterling) of a full price ticket plus concession tickets, if you are offering these. The ticket price must be in 50p increments.

Family tickets are sold in multiples of four, for two adults and two children or one adult and three children. You should enter the price for each individual ticket e.g. if you are offering a family ticket as a whole for £20.00, please enter £5.00 as this is the price of each ticket that will be issued.

You can add extra concessions in addition to the price entered for standard concessions groups. For example you could offer a standard concession to unemployed patrons, disabled patrons, senior citizens, and children under 18 but add an additional discount for students. You can use this section to nominate which groups you would like to offer additional concessions to and at what price, in addition to your standard concession rate. If you don't want to offer a standard concession to all groups, you can leave the concession ticket price blank and use the additional concession information to nominate those people you do wish to offer a concession price to.

Select Save when you are ready to save this dateline. You can edit or delete this dateline later if you need to.


Exhibition Datelines

Exhibition times often correspond with the venue opening hours and can therefore look quite different to show start times and durations. For clarity you will be provided with a text box in which you can detail the exhibition's opening hours and dates.

You must complete a dateline as normal so the correct registration fee can be calculated. Please include all dates:

For example: a free, unticketed exhibition runs from the 01 August - 26 August, from 10am - 6pm, except Sundays.
• In the dateline, select every day between the 01 and 26 except Sundays
• Select a start time of 10am, and duration of 8 hours
• In the Exhibition times box enter: Mon-Sat: 10:00-18:00 (Free Non-ticketed).

This is how the dateline will appear in the printed programme, with calendar dates highlighted in bold.