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Technical Details

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Lighting facility details

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Sound facility details

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Storage space details

Groups using the space may need somewhere to keep items such as costumes, props and packing boxes. Please detail the storage space on offer for this space.

Dressing room space details

Dressing room is a backstage area where performers get ready before a performance. Please include the dressing space details for this space, including how big the dressing room space is and the bathroom facilities for performers, plus any other relevant information about the dressing space.

Any other technical information

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Hire Details

What types of hire deals would you like to offer?

Please indicate your proposed financial model for companies. You can select as many options as are relevant for your venue.

Box office split - All tickets income (minus any deductions) are split e.g. 60% to the company or performer and 40% to the venue.

Box office split with guarantee - There is a minimum amount that the company or performer will need to pay for the venue space, but the final charge is based on a split of ticket income.

Free - No charge for the venue space.

Negotiable - You are willing to negotiate different models and charges.

Straight Hire - The company or performer pay a fixed amount for the venue space and it is not dependent on box office income which the company or performer keeps.

Other Deal Types - Please give details of other deal types you offer.

For more information about deal types, please see The Fringe Guide to Doing a Show.

Indicative Charges and Charge Details

How much does it cost for a group to hire this space? Please give rough details of hire charges and how they are worked out.

Additional Charges

Are there any additional charges that a group hiring this space should be aware of, including marketing charges, technical fees, staffing etc?

What is the usual length of one slot?

Please write, in hours and minutes, the usual length of time that you offer to groups using this space or say if it is flexible.

Please also indicate whether the slot time includes get-in and get-out time or is simply the performance running time.