Payout and Fringe Allocation

If you are registering a show that will be charging for tickets, this is the page where you can specify who should receive the payout of any revenue due to you from ticket sales through the Fringe Box Office.

If you have already indicated that your show is free, you'll see a message on this page letting you know that no information is required from you.

However, if you are charging for tickets, then you do need to complete this page before you can register your show. Although, you can amend these details after registration if you need to.

Entering your payee details

Make payments to

By selecting Your Organisation, the payout will go to the bank details that you specified on the Payout Details page of the organisation that you have registered the show under (see Payout Details). Please note that if you select this option, your show will not be launched on sale until your payout details have been provided.

By selecting The Venue's Organisation the payout will go to the organisation that manages your venue.

If you have a split venue (your show will be performed at one or more venues over its run) then you'll need to add separate datelines for each of your venues (see Datelines and Venues for more information).  By doing this, you will be presented with all of your venues separately on the Payout and Fringe Allocation page and can then allocate the payout for each venue.

What percentage of tickets will be allocated to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society?

Please use the sliding scale to choose the percentage of tickets that you would like to allocate to be sold through the Fringe Box Office.

Ticket Allocation

Please note that every ticketed show must allocate a minimum of 25% of its tickets per performance to the Fringe (see What is the Fringe's commission on ticket sales? below).




When is payout made?

Payout is processed no later than the end of September after any given Fringe.

Who can view and amend these payment details?

Only you and anyone who you give Organisation Admin or Show Admin Permission to are able to amend the payout specifications given on this page. Anyone you give Show Read-only permission to is able to read but not amend these details. See Invite Another User for details about permissions.

What if you want the payout from different shows to go to different individuals?

The payout for the ticket sales of all the shows you register under this organisation name will go to the bank details that you specify on this page.

If the payout details vary between different shows, you need to create another organisation and create the other shows within this different organisation in order for the payout to go elsewhere.

What is the Fringe's commission on ticket sales?

Every ticketed show must allocate a minimum of 25% of its tickets to the Fringe Box Office. A 4% (plus VAT) commission from the sale of every ticket sold through the Fringe Box Office is payable to The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society. There is no surcharge applied to free shows (ticketed or otherwise).