Proofing process and approval for sale

Once your Registration Form has been submitted and paid for, Fringe staff will begin the process of proofing and editing your programme and web copy to meet the Fringe Style Guide standards. For more information about these standards please see the Style Guide.

Please allow a minimum of 10 working days between registering your show with the Fringe Society and an approval deadline. This will allow the Show Registration Team enough time to check your registration, produce a proof of your show listing for you to sign off and ask your venue for their approval.

You can track the proofing process along the way through coloured messages that you'll see at the top of the screen in EdFringeware next to your show name. These are:

New/Unregistered - not yet paid for or submitted to the Fringe and, therefore, still a draft.
Being Edited - your show has been registered and is going through a two-stage proofing process with the Show Registration Team. You can still edit your show information at any point during the 'Being Edited' process, however when your show is actively being proofed by a Fringe staff member, your show information will lock and only be visible as read-only.
Show Approval in Progress -  show listing proofs have been generated for the venue and show to approve.
Approved - show has been approved and is ready to go on sale
Requires Show Input - the Show Registration Team require further information
Cancelled - show has been cancelled


The proofing of your show copy follows a set process, as laid out below:


        Once you have completed entering all the details for your show and paid the registration fee (see Payout and Fringe allocation for details about paying) the proofing process will automatically begin.

The Show Registration Team will be alerted that your show is ready for proofing. Until they begin to proof your show, you are still able to edit it.


2        Once the Show Registration Team start proofing your show you won't be able to edit it, however you can still access it as read-only.


3        If the Show Registration Team spot anything within your show information that they need to query, they will place a flag against it in EdFringeware. You will see these flags within the tab headings, such as:

 Flagged Fields 1

and also against the actual field that the team are querying, like this: 

Flagged Field 3

a)      By clicking on this 'Flagged' icon, you can read comments from the Programme Team and respond as necessary.

Flag Fields 4

Once you are finished, click on the Resubmit to Fringe button in the top right hand of the screen.

 Flagged Fields 2

       If there are no issues with your registration:

A second proof will be scheduled with the Show Registration Team, who will be alerted that your show is ready for second proofing. Until they begin to proof your show again it will be still be editable by you.


       Once the Show Registration Team start proofing your show for a second time you won't be able to edit it, however you can still access it as read-only.


6         The Fringe will have a final check of your copy and ensure that they are happy for it to go.


       Once the Fringe have completed their proofing of the show and are happy that your show is ready to go onsale then the Show Admin will be sent an email by the Programme Team letting them know that their proof is ready for their approval. Once they log in and go to their proof they will see two buttons at the top of their proof such as this:

 Signing Off For Next On Sale

Select Approve for Next on Sale if you would like to have your show on sale at the next available deadline. This automatically means your show will be in the Fringe Programme. 


Signing Off For The Programme Launch

Select Approve for Programme Launch if you would like your show to go on sale at the time of the Programme Launch and no sooner.

Only press one of these buttons. 

Once the Show Admin has clicked on the green button to approve the proof then this completes the process for them.

If there is a separate Venue Admin then they will have an 'Approve Show Proof' button visible to them and they will need to approve the proof to complete the process and for the show to go onsale.

Signing Off For Venue Approval

8        Once stage 7 has been completed then the show is now fully registered and is no longer editable.


If you need to make edits after your show is onsale then you need to submit your proposed edits to


It's important to note that if you make any changes while your form is editable at any point during the proofing process, then you will automatically go back to Being Edited (stage 2).


Signing off for early onsale

Once a show has reached Show Approval in Progress, proofs are ready to be checked and signed off by the company and the venue.

Do I have to sign off my proof?

You only need to sign off your show proof if you would like to opt in for early on sale. If you don't sign off your proof, your show will still be included in the printed programme, but will not appear on until the 10 June, the printed programme launch day. Regardless of whether you wish to opt in for early on sale, all proofs should be carefully checked to ensure that the details are correct, as this is how they will appear in the printed programme.

If you need to make changes to your show registration once it has been signed off, please contact up until 10 June. Once your show is listed on sale on, requests for changes need to be directed to the Box Office supervisors at

Viewing a Show Proof

Once a show has reached Show Approval in Progress, proofs are ready to be checked and signed off by the company and the venue.

If you have registered a show, but you are not responsible for your venue:

• Select the organisation used to register the show
• Click on the Shows tab
• Select the show
• If the proof is ready for the show, then a View Show Proof button will appear in top right hand corner of the screen
• Click View Show Proof and it will open in a new window.

Generate Multiple Show Proofs

If you have registered multiple shows and would like all of your shows to appear on one proof, you can do so:

• In the Shows tab click Actions.
• Select Generate Multiple Show Proofs.
• You will then be able to select shows (which have Show Approval in Progress status) and create a proof of the shows
• This will open in a new window.
• You cannot sign off shows for early on sale from a multiple show proof.