Cancelling a show

It's not possible for you to delete a show in EdFringeware. Until you submit a show for proofing, you can change the show that you're bringing by simply amending the details of your current show in EdFringeware. If you want to change the show after it has been registered, you will need to cancel the show and create a new one.

If you cancel your show for whatever reason, it is important that you contact the Fringe Society directly as soon as possible.

Prior to being listed on, refunds of the registration fee are at the discretion of EFFS and are not guaranteed in the event of a show cancellation. To cancel a show before it has gone on sale, please email

If your show is already onsale then you will not be eligible for a refund of your registration fee. Your show will remain on but it will be made clear that it is cancelled and people will not be able to purchase tickets for it. To cancel a show after it is on sale then please email