Registering and paying for a show

When you've completed all the necessary show information and are ready to register your show, click on the Register button at the top right-hand side of the screen, within your show details section.

Fees and discounts

The amount you pay will depend on the date on which you register your show. The deadlines and fees payable for show registration are:

For a limited run of one or two performances or an online show: £96 including VAT (£80 ex VAT)
Limited run prices remain the same throughout the year.

For a limited run of three - five performances: £204 including VAT (£170 ex VAT)
Limited run prices remain the same throughout the year.

Full run - six or more performances: £393.60 including VAT (£328 ex VAT)

For full run shows, if registered by 5pm on Wednesday 8th March, there is an Early Bird Rate of £295.20 (£246 ex VAT).

If you add extra performances to your show and this takes you over a price bracket, you will be asked to make an additional payment. If you edit a dateline and add extra performances that incur an extra cost, a message will appear at the top of the page with a link to the WorldPay site, allowing you to pay the outstanding balance.

You will be asked to make a Top Up Payment, and if you would like to receive a VAT receipt. Details of all payments you have made to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society can be found under the Payment Records tab of your show registration.


Paying for your registration

Step 1: Joining the Fringe Society

You will firstly be asked if you would like to join the Fringe Society. Membership is open to all, costs £5 per year and offers you the chance to take part in the shaping of the largest arts festival in the world. You can find more information about membership of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society on

If you select Yes then you will be redirected (after paying for your show) to the appropriate page on


Step 2: Registration Payment information

On the next screen, you will be told the total amount of money due for your show registration, including your Fringe Society membership if you have chosen to join.

You'll also have the option to request a VAT receipt for this transaction,

When you are ready to pay, click on Make Payment.


Step 3: Payment through the WorldPay site

You will be redirected to the WorldPay site to make payment for your show registration.

WorldPay is a secure payment processing website that is independent of EdFringeware and As it is completely separate, we are unfortunately unable to assist if the WorldPay site experiences technical problems - however, you can contact WorldPay directly.

If your payment is successful then you will be taken to a Payment Success page which will let you know that your payment has been successfully processed.


Registration fee instalment option

We offer a staggered payment plan option, available to those who would benefit from not having to pay the full fee due all at once, at the point of registration. If you are interested in this option, then please check your eligibility for the scheme via this link.


  • You have completed the show registration form, are ready to submit with all required fields filled, and all the information you have provided is final and ready to print
  • You agree to a set of fixed instalment dates on which payments must be received.
  • If you fail to make the payments as agreed, we will cancel your show registration and refund all monies received up to that date.