Terms and Conditions

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society agrees to:

• Recognise venues as key stakeholders in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

• Make details of venues and spaces available to potential participants if required.

• Include registered venues which are hosting registered shows in printed and online listings publications produced or co-ordinated by the Society.

• Assign a unique number to registered venues hosting registered shows, for use for the current festival season.

• Provide materials to signpost the location of registered venue sites.

• Provide box office settlements with full sales reports within 30 days of the end of the Fringe.

• Assist in mediation with landlords and with participants when asked.

• Provide regular updates of Society activities, and opportunities for feedback and debate.

• Inform registered venues of relevant corporate sponsorship activities.

• Share research and data about the festival and customers, within data protection regulations.

• Give suitable advance notice of any fees and major deadlines for registration, advertising and payment, in most cases of at least 6 weeks.

• Operate in a fair and impartial way.


Registered venues agree to:

• Keep their registered information up-to-date and provide requested copy, artwork and data by the agreed deadlines.

• Meet payment deadlines for advertising and registration.

• Permit the Society to contact their performing companies directly, so that the Society can provide information to all participants.

• Include information about the Society's services in their communications to performing companies.

• Liaise with the Society regarding media and arts industry activities.

• Keep the Society informed of any major issues with landlords or participants which may impact on the festival as a whole, and of any major issues which may prevent performing companies from presenting their work or receiving their settlements.

• Provide the Society with a copy of their standard hire contract, terms and conditions.


This agreement is intended to work in tandem with the AIVP/Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society Best Practice Code for Fringe Venues. Both the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society and the registered venues agree to work together on the areas outlined in the Code with the aim of improving the Fringe experience for everyone.

In the event that a registered venue is in serious and substantial breach of the terms of this Fringe Guide to Registering and Managing your Venues agreement or the Best Practice Code, the Society reserves the right to:

• Contact the participants performing at the venue to inform them of potential problems and outline the support the Society can offer.

• Inform authorities such as the Council or Police about issues which fall within their remit.

• Refuse the venue operator permission to register in subsequent years, and advise performing companies not to use them should they operate without registering.

The Society will give the registered venue reasonable notice before carrying out the above actions, to provide an opportunity for the issues to be resolved.