Show Contacts

Primary show contact

The Primary show contact should be someone who is directly involved in your production and who will be in Edinburgh throughout the show's run. If known, the address and telephone details for this Edinburgh-based period should be provided.

Secondary show contact

You also have the option to enter a secondary contact - we recommend that you do add a secondary contact if you can, as it's useful for us to have an alternative person to contact if your primary contact is unavailable.


Media Contacts

Media contact details

The person who you designate as your media contact will be the point of contact for all matters relating to the media and marketing of your show.

They will need to keep in regular contact with the Fringe Media Office and their contact details will also be made available to accredited journalists so please let this person know in advance that they might receive press enquiries.

Please select someone who will have adequate time to commit to working on your press and marketing from May to July and then who can be constantly available (preferably on the ground in Edinburgh) for the duration of your show during the Fringe.

The first few days after arriving in Edinburgh are a particularly busy time for the media contacts so it's best not to nominate someone who will be mainly focused on getting your show up and running.

Secondary media contact details

Please enter details of a secondary media contact. If you do not have a secondary media contact, please click Don't Specify Contact. Your media contact will be added to our media mailing list. We strongly advise against 'role specific' email addresses like admin@ or info@ as they are generally rejected by bulk email systems and will mean you won't receive information vital to getting media coverage for your show.


Touring and Show Development

We offer advice and services to help you develop your show and career beyond the Fringe and to help you engage with the programmers and producers who visit the Fringe. Please see for more details. If you are interested in touring your show after the Fringe and in our professional development services, please answer yes to the questions.

Are you interested in further touring and professional opportunities for your show, following the Fringe?

The Fringe Society offers services and facilities to enhance your career after the festival. If you're interested in these opportunities, please select yes.

If you select Yes, you are stating that your show is tour-ready and available for industry to programme. As such, your information will be shared with professionals who accredit with our Arts Industry office and have shown a proven ability to buy work. See here for more information.

Please provide information for promoters interested in your show including future availability, company touring size, freight/tech/access requirements, ideal venue size, layout and suitability for rural, national and/or international touring etc. The industry find it useful when you give details of UK and/or international venues/festivals that have booked you or your company's work recently, so please also offer this detail if you can.

This is your chance to provide information to accredited members of the industry who have a proven ability to buy work at the Fringe. This field is not for show copy, but rather technical notes or scheduling information. If you are unsure what to include here, please email  and the team will be able to offer advice.

Fringe Marketplace is an arts industry facing platform dedicated to connecting arts industry professionals from all over the world with professional work available at the Fringe. Are you interested in submitting your show to the Fringe Marketplace?

Fringe Marketplace is a platform that accredited industry members use before and throughout the Fringe to find shows and artists interested in touring and development. This platform is intended for shows that are 'tour ready' at the point of their Fringe run. If you select 'Yes' to this, the Arts Industry team will be in touch later this spring with more information about the criteria and information needed to feature on Marketplace.

If yes to any of the preceding questions, then you will be asked for the details of a Touring and Development Contact. This person will be the point of contact for the Fringe Society Arts Industry Office that accredits programmers, producers, promoters and scouts who come to the festival looking for new work and talent, so the named person should be prepared to receive enquiries.


A promoter is someone with whom you have an agreement to produce your show, take care of the marketing and admin side and who will have access to ticket sales reports from the Fringe Box Office.

If you have a promoter, please select them from the list provided. Please make sure that you only pick a promoter from the list if you have a formal agreement with this company or individual and please note that linking your show with a promoter allows this company or individual access to your ticketing reports.

If you have a promoter who is not on the list, please contact


Communities and School

Do you have an education offer for schools and teachers? 

Select Yes if you have a specific education offer to engage with schools and teachers. Please note, this does not include merely school groups being welcome at the show. If you choose Yes you will see the following questions?

Education Offering

Please select all of the types of school for which your education offering is relevant.

Select the type of cost you would require for your education offering. Please note that in previous years, we have seen the highest level of engagement with 'Free' or 'Travel Expenses' offers.

Describe your education offer in as much detail as possible so that teachers can make an informed decision about whether this would work for them and their school. If you are unsure of the appropriate information to provide, then please email  for further guidance.

Do you have an offer for community groups? 

Select Yes if you have a specific offer for community groups. Please note, this does not include merely community groups being welcome at the show.

Communities Offering

Select the type of cost you would require for your community group offering. Please note that in previous years, we have seen the highest level of engagement with 'Free' or 'Travel Expenses' offers.

Select Yes if you are able to travel to the community group rather than needing the group to travel to your venue.

Describe your community group offer in as much detail as possible, so that group leaders can make an informed decision whether this would work for them and their group. If you are unsure of the appropriate information to provide, then please email

You can offer an opportunity to community groups before, during and/or after the Fringe. Please select all that apply from the list.

Company Details

Do you sign up to the Company Code of Conduct outlining best practice in your relationships with all stake holders in the Fringe?

This Fringe Society has a non-binding code for performing companies designed to be a statement of intent and commitment to improving the Fringe experience for all. You can read the code  here.

What is your company's country of origin?

Please select the country of origin as you would like it to appear online. You should select the country which your company identifies as coming from, regardless of the nationality of individual members. This information will be included in online listings but not in the printed programme. If you do not feel comfortable choosing a country of origin for your company, then please select 'Prefer not to say'.

What is your company's town/city of origin? 

This information is not included in your public listings. You should select the town/city that your company identifies as coming from, in line with the country of origin as specified in the previous question. Please only enter your town or city, not your full address.

Are any of your company members non-UK nationals, for tax or immigration purposes?

We need to know if any of your company members are resident outside the UK in case they need visas to attend the Fringe. Also, if any members of your company are non-UK residents then you may be liable to pay Foreign Entertainers Tax and could need to submit an FEU form to ensure that they have any potential tax liability calculated correctly.

More information can be found at

In how many Edinburgh Festival Fringes has your company taken part?

Enter the number of past Fringes that your company has performed in. If this is your first year then just leave this as 0 (and welcome to the Fringe!)

Which of the following best describes your group?

Please select the option that best describes your group.

How many performers are involved in your show?

Please include performers only.

How many non-performers are involved in your show?

A non-performer is anyone involved with your show who is not performing. Please include all backstage crew, producer, writer, director (where appropriate).


Company List

The Company List has two purposes:

  1. As a place for you to store and share with us a list of the names and job titles of the people in your company (however this isn't mandatory).
  2. If any non-UK members of your company need a Welcome Letter from the Fringe Society. Depending on what country they are coming from, UK Visas and Immigration will require that all those entering the UK for the purposes of performing at the Fringe have a Welcome Letter from the Fringe Society to support their visa application or to use at the border when entering the country. More advice for international performers can be found here:

To add people to the Company List then click on the Add company member button and fill out their details. Please note that the Job Title field refers to their role in the company (i.e. director/actor/sound engineer).

You can select whether you would like them to receive an Edinburgh Festival Fringe Participant Pass. These can be collected from Fringe Central during the Fringe and are recognition of their contribution and participation in the Fringe. 

If they also need a Welcome Letter, then tick the Welcome Letter box. You will be asked to provide the following details:

  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Passport number / ID Card number
  • The city from which they are travelling to Edinburgh from

These details will be emailed to the Fringe Participant Services Team, who'll then process a welcome letter for those non-UK residents within one to two weeks.

Please note:

  • Adding someone to this Company List will not result in them being sent any emails or any other correspondence from us,.
  • The Welcome Letter information saved on this page is only visible to you and to anyone else that you give Show Admin permission to (for more information about permissions, see Invite Another User).
  • You can add people to this Company List at any time, including after-show registration, so don't worry if you don't have all the information to hand initially.