Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Fringe's commission on ticket sales?

The Fringe takes 4% (plus VAT) from the sale of every ticket sold through its Box Office. Every ticketed show must allocate a minimum of 25% of its tickets to the Fringe Box Office. You will set the number of tickets you wish to offer for sale
through the Fringe Box Office on the Venue and Ticket Details page. There is no surcharge applied to free shows (ticketed or otherwise).

When will the payout be issued?

The transfer of funds is typically processed no later than the end of September following a given festival.

Can I use holding copy in order to register my show?

It is mandatory that you submit complete show information for your registration at the point of submitting and paying. This includes at a minimum show title, dates and full copy for both the online and printed listing, your copy should reflect how you would like the show to be presented in the programme and on Whilst small tweaks may be allowed during the proofing and editing process, submitting a show that does not have these mandatory fields completed adequately may lead to your show being cancelled in edfringeware and the registration fee refunded.


I can't edit any details on my form?

If you are unable to edit any details on your form, then it has been locked. If the following messages appear to the right of your show title:

• First Edit in Progress
• Second Edit in Progress

This means your registration form has been temporarily locked by the programme team while they proof your show. Please try again later, or if it is urgent email us:

What is Fringe time?

Fringe days begin at 05.00. This means if your show is on after midnight on the evening of Friday 12 August, it will still be listed as being on Friday 12 (rather than Saturday 13).

One Show/One Listing?

Each show should only be listed once. Each listing should only contain one show.
This means that every show registered and listed in the programme and/or is entitled to exactly the same listing space as any other - and each listing must only be filled by one show. For an open arts festival as big and diverse as the Fringe, defining what makes up a single show can be a tricky task.

In the simplest of terms, if you can explain the experience of your show in your 40-word show copy, you likely have a single show. One company performing one play for three weeks is an obvious example of a single show. A comedy review
programme featuring different comics each night is also considered one show if the format is the same and you don't need a breakdown of who is performing on each night (eg, 'We feature the best comedians on the Fringe each night').

However, if you need to use a portion of your copy to explain the differences on each date (eg, 'On the 21st, soloist Jane Smith will perform Grieg, on the 22nd John Brown will perform Mozart and on the 24th Aleksandra von Wruck will perform Prokofiev') you likely have multiple shows. If you are unsure, please contact the Programme team at

Similarly, you cannot register the same show more than once in order to have a number of separate listings. This ensures all participants get the same listing space.  A second show with a similar title or setup (for example, the same orchestra performing different pieces on different nights), must be significantly different and the copy should explain that (eg, 'National Orchestra performs Beethoven' and 'National Orchestra performs Grieg', would be acceptable).  Each show should only be registered once and have one listing in the programme and on

How much do I charge for a Family Ticket?

Family tickets are sold in multiples of four. Please enter the single ticket price. A family ticket of £20 would therefore be entered as £5. Family tickets are indicated with an F (£20.00F).

How do I indicate a preview performance?

In Datelines, select the preview dates and tick 'Are these preview performances?' underneath the calendar. Add a second dateline for your non-preview performance days.

Is it a prerequisite that I choose to put my show on sale early and then sign off for this? 

No. Early On Sale is entirely optional. Shows that are registered but have not signed off, will be listed on for sale from the date of the official programme launch.