Spaces - Access Details

Please give us as much information about the accessibility of your space as you can. This will be used by our Box Office team to give advice to customers as well as by our Participant Services team when talking to companies and performers.


Audience Access

Is this space fully wheelchair accessible for audience members?

Please only tick yes if there is full access to the performance space for all wheelchair users.

What type of access is it?

Please confirm the nature of wheelchair access. If there is a lift, please confirm the type of lift at the venue.

Where is the wheelchair seating located (tick all that apply)?

Please confirm where within the space, the wheelchair seating is loacted. If there is more than one, tick all that apply. 

Are there steps into the space?

Please confirm, in total, how many steps there are into the performance space. These can include individual steps and steps that form stairs.

Describe the audience access route into the space

Please give any further details relating to audience's route to the performance space.

Audience Seating

What type of seating does the performance space have?

Please pick the most appropriate option to describe the seating arrangement in the space. If your seating arrangement is not shown, please select other and give more details.

Performer Access

Is the space wheelchair accessible for a performer?

Please let us know if there is full access to the stage and backstage areas for wheelchair users to present their work in this space.

Describe the access route into the performance space and state if and how the backstage facilities are accessible?

Indicate here any details of the space that might prove useful to performing companies that may be based in the space.

Is there an accessible toilet for performers?

Please let us know if the space has an accessible WC which performers can use. It is not necessary for you to provide an accessible WC for audience members alongside each performance space but you can indicate in the venue information whether there is one within your venue site.

General Space Access

Please add here any further accessibility information you would like to provide for this space.

Please enter as much information as you can about the accessibility of this space. The information will be used by the Box Office to give information and assistance through our access booking services.

Audio Enhancement System

Does the performing space have an audio enhancement system at the reception or box office?

Audio enhancement systems, including hearing loops, are an aid for people with hearing difficulties. A hearing Loop is a loop of cable which generates magnetic field that can be picked up by hearing aids. Other audio enhancement systems may use mobile phones, tablets or other devices to provide a service for those with hearing difficulties.

What type of audio enhancement system is it?

Please indicate which kind of audio enhancement system is installed in the performing space.

When was the audio enhancement system last tested?

Please give the date (month and year) that the audio enhancement system was last tested.

Who tested the audio enhancement system last?

Please specify a company or individual in your organisation who tested the working order of the audio enhancement system most recently.

Would you like the Fringe Society to test your audio enhancement system?

Please let us know if you would like the Fringe Society to test your audio enhancement system; this is free of charge.

Is the audio enhancement system well signed so customers know which counter to go to?

It's important that people with hearing difficulties are made aware that there is an audio enhancement system within your venue. Please let us know if your hearing loop is well advertised, including on signs in your venue.

Ticketing for Wheelchair Users

How many wheelchair users can this space accommodate at one time?

Please give the maximum number of wheelchair users that could simultaneously attend a performance in this space.

How many of these would you like to have available through the Fringe Box Office?

It is usual practice for the Fringe Society to be allocated half of the number of wheelchair spaces so we have these available for customers using our access booking services.

How many tickets/seats do you need to remove from sale to create space for a wheelchair use? (If your venue is not wheelchair accessible and/or you are a non-ticketed venue, please select 'Other' then enter '0' or 'N/A')

Please let us know how many seats need to be removed, if any, to create a wheelchair space, so we can ensure that we do not oversell our total allocation of seats for a performance.