Management and Programming

Venue Management

Venue Manager

If you start to type an EdFringeware user's name in the Venue Manager field, then a drop-down box will display all similar names registered with EdFringeware and you can select the correct one before saving. If you wish to enter yourself as the contact, just start typing your name and select yourself from the list.

If the person that you want to invite to be the Venue Manager isn't registered with EdFringeware, select or add contact details before filling out the rest of the invitation.

Venue Secondary Contact

You have the option of nominating another person to be a point of contact for your venue with the Fringe Society. Please add their contact details here.

It isn't mandatory to have a venue secondary contact, so you can select Don't specify contact if you don't want to enter a name here.

Venue Owner if different from Venue Manager

If you want to add the contact details of a venue owner as well as a venue manager (and they are not the same person) then please add their contact details here, following the same instructions as for the Venue Manager field above.

If you don't want to specify a venue owner, then just click Don't specify contact.


Venue Description

Venue Description - 70 words max

Using 70 words or less, please describe your venue.

Describe your venue in 70 words or less. This description is intended for audience members and will appear in the printed programme and online. This description should not be used to advertise individual shows or the activities of your venue or organisation beyond the festival period.

What makes your venue special?

This description will be provided to prospective participants seeking a Fringe venue, if you have chosen to include your venue in our online listings. It is an opportunity to explain how your venue works, what makes it stand out from others and why participants would want to perform there.


Venue Programming

Describe the types of shows / events you are interested in having in your venue

This information is stored by the Participant Services team. If we are contacted by someone looking for a particular type of venue, then they can draw on this information to match you to your venue and to give them your contact details.

Describe the genres that you are interested in programming. Tick all that apply.

Describe as many genres as apply to your venue.

Can groups/companies contact you in any other way? Please provide details.

Please let us know the way that you would prefer groups to make contact with you. If there are other ways that groups can get in touch with you then please enter this in the box in the question below this one.

Group / company application deadline

Please enter the latest date by which groups should contact you in order to apply to put on a show in your venue if applicable.



Please indicate venue viewing details, such as whether it is available for viewing throughout the year, etc

Groups may want to visit and view your venue before they make a decision about where they would like to hold their show. In this box you can enter any relevant details about viewing your venue including if it is not available to see outside August.



Please use this section to tell us about any licences you hold, or intend to apply for, to cover your venue and its operations. Please note that all venues hosting performances must obtain the appropriate licenses from the City of Edinburgh council. Applications must be made in good time to ensure licence is granted. Please contact the Fringe Society on, or the [council directly], if you have any questions.

Does the venue have any annual licences from the City of Edinburgh Council?

Please tell us about any permanent year-round licences you hold for your venue, you can tick all options that apply. If a licence you hold is not specified, please give further details in the text box.

Which type of licence does the venue have? (tick all that apply)

You can find out more information about the licences that you may be required to apply for at the following page on the City of Edinburgh Council's website here

Will you be applying for or have you been granted any temporary occasional licences?

Please tell us about any temporary or occasional licences that you will be applying for or already hold - you can tick all options that apply. If the appropriate licence is not specified, please give further details in the text box.

Which type of licence will you be applying for/have you obtained? (tick all that apply)

For further details on temporary licences please contact or the City of Edinburgh Council directly.

Are there age restrictions in place at your venue?

Please tell us about any age restrictions at your venue, particularly if children are not allowed access at particular times due to licensing regulations. You can provide full details in the text box.

Please indicate by ticking this box that you will support the rights of copyright holders to ensure that all performances in your venue have obtained the appropriate permissions.

It is a legal requirement that all participants in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe acquire the appropriate permissions from copyright holders to perform work and make any necessary payments. The Fringe Society asks that venue managers work with us to ensure these requirements are met and that intellectual property rights are respected. You should require all companies performing with us to obtain the necessary right for the work and liaise with the Fringe Society over any issues which arise.

Does this venue have an existing PRS licence for music?

Please indicate here whether your venue has arranged a licence with PRS for Music to cover the music use at the venue. If you have any questions about music licensing please contact